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Pontiac GTO paint polishing and full Detail

Pontiac GTO intensive one step polish to bring back high gloss and remove defects as well as an interior detail. A one step polish will not remove deeper scratches but will bring back that high gloss shine that people remember when there vehicle was new. Polish on paint does require quite a bit of knowledge in the various pads, polishers, polishes and techniques are flooding the internet these days. As well as the market being flooded with inexperienced detailers claiming to be professionals, resulting in lots of poor quality work, bottom dollar pricing, and worst of all damage to vehicles. All of these things hurt the Auto detailing market by portraying to the customer that, my paint will get swirls if i pay some one to polish it, i should get a full detail and a polish for X amount of dollars because that what the last guy was charging. Luxury details spends about double the time on a vehicle than your average detail shop would. Why? its not a 9 to 5 job its a passion and we truly care about our work and are determined to be the leading car care professionals in all of Erie county. Getting back to the GTO.

Firstly the vehicle was rinsed thoroughly, snow foamed and then washed with Gyeon bathe and a high quality lambswool wash mitt and 2 bucket wash method and grit guards. The 2 bucket wash method is having one bucket to rinse your mitt and a second bucket with your soap and water. A grit guard at the bottom of the buckets helps to keep dirt and contaminates from being reintroduced back on to the vehicle. Next step was to clay bar the vehicle using a nanoskin clay mitt. This will remove and embedded contaminates that were not removed during the normal washing process. This is a critical step, if any of these small contaminates like tar or tree sap were to become stuck in the polishing pad they can do some potential damage and cause the final finish to lack the desired look. Next was to pull the vehicle in and examine the paint and see what kind of results we could achieve with a one step polish.


As you can see in the picture above the paint has lots of swirl marks and marring. These can be really unsightfull in direct sun especially in the direct sunlight. After some testing, we ended up using the rupes yellow polishing pad, Sonax perfect finish, and the 3 inch and 6 inch Rupes polishers.


The above picture is after the one step polishing procedures. Outstanding results for just a polishing. The rest of the car was done the same way. 6 inch Rupes on the bigger panels and the 3 inch for the smaller hard to reach areas.

Before and after shot of the wing. Once all the polish was done the entire vehicle was wiped down with Gyeon prep to remove any polishing oils that might have been left behind. This ensures your wax or seleant will adhere to bare paint and have a good lasting bond with the paint.

wiping down with Gyeon prep

For a black vehicle like this the choice of was DODO juice black widow wax. This gave the vehicle an incredible shine as well as some good durable protection. Next up was an interior detail using the VX5000 steam cleaner, assortment of detail brushes and some Meguiars all purpose cleaner.

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