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Offering the most in-depth and advanced  paint correction and polishing services around. Guaranteed!

What is paint correction?

      Paint correction is a term professional detailers use to describe the removal of scratches, light scratches, swirl marks, water spots, holograms and the refinement of painted surfaces. Thus bringing the paint back to a defect free deep gloss finish. Luxury details achieves this by utilizing nano technology abrasives (compounds & polishes) combined with safe, modern and perfected buffing techniques. The combination of proper polishes, compounds, pads, pressure and speed of the buffer is what sets a true professional apart from your average detailer. This is were Luxury details delivers and produces results that are rare to come by. Paint correction and polishing is a tedious and time consuming job when done correctly and truly is a form of art. This process can also be very damaging when being done by someone that is not educated properly on thickness of paints, clear coats, pads, polishers and compounds. Luxury details offers a few different packages to meet different customer needs. Do you just want your paint to have that gloss and depth back to it? Or do you want as many imperfections out of the paint as possible? Either way, we have you covered. 


Paint Correction Polishing

NOTE:  Paint thickness readings are taken before any major paint correction service is performed. Pricing can vary by size, type and condition of the vehicles paint.

Single-stage Paint Correction:

     While this is our entry level paint correction/polishing service, great improvements can be achieved. There are a lot of variables that dictate the level of correction that can be achieved with a one step process. Due to different hardness of paints, and the starting condition of the paint are the main factors. Usually German brands tend to have hard paint, on these a one step process would normaly remove 30-65% of surface defects. Where on a vehicle with softer paint (Honda) possibly up to 75-80%. We assess the vehicle type and budget given, and from there use the correct approach to maximize the resuts.

Whats Included:

Full exterior detail

Thorough single stage polish of all painted surfaces

Testing done with different pads and polishes to achieve the best result possible

Cost: $400-600

Application of quality wax or sealant. Customer can also upgrade to ceramic coating

Full Paint Correction:

If you are looking for as close to perfection as possible the Two-stage paint correction detail is for you. This package is for the car enthusiast and car lover that wants their cars paint to look as good as possible. This process starts with a compounding polishing stage to remove all but the heaviest of scratches and all other defects. This is followed by a secondary lighter polishing stage to further refine the surface areas and bring back a high gloss and depth to the paint. Note: We do not wet sand scratches. Being that clear coat is only 1.5-2 mils thick (width of a human hair) on the average vehicle today. This could possibly cause clear coat failure down the road. Preservation is key to your vehicles paint!!!. Given all the different paint types and size of vehicle, rates on a two step paint correction vary. We will assess options with owner and decide on a set price. 

Whats Included:

Full exterior detail

Thorough multi-stage compound & polish of all painted surfaces

Testing done with different pads, polishes, compounds, speeds and pressure of polisher to achieve the best result possible

Application of quality wax or sealant. Customer can also upgrade to ceramic coating

Cost: $700-1000+

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