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Fiat 500 Abarth full paint correction & glass paint coating

This vehicle was brought to me by a customer that was interested in getting a full paint correction. Meaning he wanted the paint to look as good as i could possibly get it and as many of the scratches and defects removed, The paint on this vehicle was quite bad. For Luxury Details preservation is key when doing full correction jobs like this, some times its better to let a deeper scratch be than try to remove to much clear coat which could result in clear coat failure down the road. Every time a vehicles paint is polished or compounded essentially what is happening is you are removing a thin layer of clear coat, leveling it to create a flat glossy finish. I also advised the customer that after having a major paint correction done it would be a good idea to preserve the clear coat and finished look of the paint with a semi-permanent glass paint coating which would take possible future scratches and swirls instead of the factory clear coat. So the first steps when I recieved the vehicle was to get it washed and decontaminate the paint. Before polishing on any paint its extremely important to make sure there the paint is completely free of and tar, road grime, old wax, iron deposits ect.. You do this by using a clay bar as well as an iron remover which will turn purple when there is iron present (pictured below) iron if not removed properly will cause rust and premature coating failure, and also could affect the final look of the paint.

Next was to to pull the vehicle in and see what we were up against. As you can see the paint is in pretty bad condition, lots of swirls, scratches and dullness. I started to mask off all plastic and chrome to keep them free of any polishing and compound residue and so as not to hit them with the polisher itself.

All paint types react differently to different polishes, pads, compounds, some are soft some are hard, some are easy to correct but tricky to refine, so there is never a set formula for every vehicle. So i began trying different combinations until I found what worked best and gave me the results i was looking for.

After a 2 step compound and polish . I proceeded to use this combination across the entire vehicle, cleaning the paint between steps with Gyeon prep to clean the paint of the heavier abrasives. Using various size buffers from 1" to 5 1/2". 1" inch was used to get the A and B pillars and other small, hard to reach areas. After about 30 hours of polishing on the vehicle it was time to start prepping to apply the paint protection, which in this case was Kamikaze Miyabi glass coat. Long lasting and extremely durable, when properly maintained this coating will last upwards of 18-24 months, keeping your vehicles paint protected with insane gloss. The paint should be corrected to acceptable standards (95-98% perfect) before applying any coating. What ever defects the coating is applied over, is there for the long haul. Time to prep for the coating, using Gyeon prep all painted surfaces for thoroughly cleaned of any left over polishing and compound oils that could affect the bond of the coating. And the application process begins. This vehicle received 2 coats of the Miyabi coating.

After applying the coating the vehicle needs atleast 24 hours with no interaction with water, it will continue to cure for about 7 days. Below are some after shot of this project, you can also find more picture in the gallery and on our facebook page. Thanks for reading!!!!

Luxury Details Erie PA,

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