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About Luxury Details

        Luxury Details is here to raise the bar in the detailing world of Erie, Pa. We bring a level of service, results, and attention to detail that is uncommon and hard to come by in the detailing industry.  Highly trained and certified to handle all of your detailing needs from basic interior/exterior detailing to multiple stage paint correction and polishing, advanced paint protective coatings, leather treatment and much more. In all of our services we use safe and proper methods, high quality materials and equipment and the best supplies in the industry. Our passion and love for automobiles shows in every detail we do. Our drive for perfection shows in our work,  and in our knowledge when we educate customers about what their vehicle may need, or how to care for their paint after its been polished. Currently  offering in house services,pick up and drop off, as well as 100% mobile detailing. For mobile details we bring our own water supply and electricity. Why settle for anything but the best?  Serving Erie, PA and all surrounding areas.


Accredited and trained GTECHNIQ ceramic coating installer 

Protect your investment with a Ceramic coating from one of the top brands in the industry. Applied professionally by Luxury Details with a factory guarantee.

Latest Projects

2019 Viper gt

Believe it or not even new cars need detailing! This Beautiful Viper got an in depth exterior detail done. This includes a deep paint cleaning, iron-x treatment, light clay bar, and hand wash and wax. New vehicles typically go threw transport, sit at various dealership lots test drives and washed with not so safe products and methods at dealership detail shops. During all of this numerous contaminates can become embedded on to the paint and the pores of the paint and cause premature wax/sealant failure, dull the finish of paint and even cause damage in the future. Have a new vehicle? lightly rub ur hand across the hood, roof and lower panels, they should feel smooth as glass. If not give us a call!

Grand Sport Corvette

Brand new Grand Sport Corvette recived a new car prep/Crystal Serum Ultra package. Glass coated with Clear vision smart glass that last up to 20k miles. Trim coated with a permant trim coating that lasts up to 2 years. Paint coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra the companys top ceramic coatings that comes with a 9 year gaurantee when maintained properly. 

2019 Camaro

2019 Camaro recived an intesive exterior overhaul. Complete exterior detail, paint decontamination, and iron-x treatment to prepare the vehicle for paint correction and polishing. The paint was then brought to the highest gloss possible with a full compound followed by an in depth polish. All that hard work was sealed with Gtechniqs top ceramic coating, Crystal Serum Ultra. This will help keep the gloss at peak levels and make washing and maintainting the vehicle a breeze!.

Lamborghini Huracan

This beautiful beast got a full detail. Washing any high end exotic car requires numerous extra steps and precuations to ensure no micro marring or scratching is caused. This is the norm for Luxury Details when is comes to any vehicle that we touch. Even a simple exterior detail is highly involved using carefully selected wash mits, soaps and ph balanced cleaners. We pride ourselves on using high end products and methods to produce high end results!

Mercedes G-Wagon

Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Crystal Serum Ultra detail. The Ultra package is our most prestige detailing package we offer. Everything gets detailed to perfection from wheels, tires, wheel wells to glass and paint. Paint gets compounded and polished to perfection and ceramic coated with 3 seperate layers. Wheel faces and tires get coated, as well as glass and any plastic trim. A detail like this takes us a minumum of 30 hours to complete. This one came out beautiful!!